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Read all about Code Quick below. It will be your road to Morse code success!

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Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Jerry Wheeler, W6TJP. I’ve had lots of amazing ham fun and met some terrific ham friends since 1952! It’s great to give back by seeing newer hams have the fun I’ve had! Before I came up with Code Quick, I tried for almost 20 years to master the code but could never get faster than about 15 WPM. One day in the middle of the night, thank God, the idea of Code Quick hit me! I tried it on my guinea pig wife and it worked! She has never used it but can still copy 8WPM, 40 years later! I passed my 20 WPM test within a couple of months! Code Quick has been available in various forms since1980.


Little rigs with as little as 3-5 watts can work the World! A car battery and a simple solar cell array will give you the QRP power you need! Be on the air for just a small investment! Better yet, buy a well used rig for almost nothing and join the fun.
Over 150 years old, Morse code is still alive and thriving all over the world! It is truly the universal language! Jump on any amateur radio band and you’ll see how Morse code gets through when other modes jam up! Experience what real “Punch through” means! The bandwidth that’s used is narrow so lots of hams can share a close frequency without blocking other signals.

Code Quick Version 16.1

Code Quick is so easy to learn, everyone succeeds! Hundreds of testimonials keep coming in! We would love to hear yours too! Here’s just one….
J Kelly WY6R says, “I should have known code long ago, but even if you learn it the wrong way, you forget it about as quick as you learn. This program is amazing and so very easy. I love it and feel very comfortable. There is no pressure and no hangup at all. It just works. Thank you very much for coming up with this great program!”
Our new tool, Code Quick Version 16.1 , runs its fabulous training in a way that synchronizes from your computer to almost any device including, Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones, and almost any gadget? Now is the time! Easy to load and no passwords to deal with. The download is simple and the download site entry code is almost instantly sent when you order! You asked for it, we did it, and now ready to go. It runs on iTunes or Media Player. If you choose to run it on iTunes, you can easily sync this program to your phone, iPad or iPod! If you don’t have Apple’s iTunes, you can load that FREE from on any PC or MAC computer or iPad. It also runs just fine on Windows Media Player through Windows 10 or 7. It is so easy to get your copy of Code Quick by download or CD Rom and to get going. Code Quick 2016 uses the same routines and sound-alikes that have worked like magic for almost 40 years

W6TJP The author of Code Quick here.

Here’s my own story….. Originally WN7RBO. Got my first Novice ticket in 1952 passing 5WPM the hard way. Got on the air for the next 20 years without ever mastering the code but kept working at it. Finally one night I woke up with the idea of using sound-alikes because one of my teachers had said “listen to the letter Q… it says ‘Pay Day Today’. I know you’ll never forget your payday!”
That worked! The letter Q stuck and I knew it at any speed. WOW what a wake up call that was for me!
For the next several months I kept everyone I knew dreaming up GOOD sound-alikes till we had them all. Got a recording studio to make a set of cassette tapes, put a small add in QST and we were off to the races. The praises just kept rolling in and eventually Code Quick was the rage and everyone was passing the Morse tests all the way to 20WPM.
It is still selling only because it works like magic!

I won this in 1952!

NOTE: If you are running a PC on Windows, the media center already on your computer will run the segments flawlessly. No need to add iTunes unless you want to run Code Quick 2016 on your MAC, phone or iPad.

Here's the Good News!

You, yes YOU can easily Come On In And Join The Fun!

Since 1980 Code Quick – the choice of serious hams, boaters and survivalists! It’s secret? It uses English sound-alikes to mimic the sound of each letter. Like any language, once you know it you will remember it forever!

Here's Our Promise To You!

Even if you have tried other methods and failed, we guarantee your success! No questions asked, just name the other program, let us know how long you worked at Code Quick and we will order and pay for your other one. Or tell us it didn’t work and to give your money back! We have always made this offer and have amazingly few takers!
Thousands have used Code Quick as their doorway to amateur radio. Ask a ham! Active CW ops will tell you! Have you been putting off making the code your own? Now is your time!

​”Thanks so much for an outstanding product. Code Quick is the best! Nothing else comes close! As far as I am concerned you have no competition. If this software works for me, it will teach a tree stump to send and receive code. I am not just enthusiastic, I am elated! I recommend Code Quick every chance I get!” Bruce W. Kizerian KK7QP

Here's our guarantee!

“Code Quick will work for you or return it for a full ‘no questions asked’ refund!”

We have kept the same guarantee since 1980. Over that time we have received thousands or successful and enthusiastic supporters. Only a few have ever returned their products!

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Leno Show Texting vs Morse Code

Sound alike symbol for letter D

Not dah di di.  Dog did it!

Highschooler Jerry receives Ham of the Year award. Hallicrafter SX-101

from Tom Thorpe W7KYN 1952