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“As I tell everyone, in 16 hours I went from knowing Zero CW to passing the 5 wpm test in straight copy. 2 hours a night for 8 evenings is all it took. 73 & God bless, Clayton W4KVW ”
Clayton Yarbrough W4KVW

Want to learn Code and have it stick forever?

I have contacted you in the past. Here it is 18 years since I took your code class. I am just here to say that even though I don't use the 'key' at all any more, I still have not forgotten any of the code- go over it in my mind, clicking my teeth- can translate it when it appears in any form. Amazing! Add this to testimonials if you wish. God's honest truth! Doug Edwards, Reno, NV KF6TSS
Dr. Wheeler,

Want to learn Code and have it stick forever?

I just wanted to share my results. I learned Morse with Code Quick. And now I’m talking all around the world with a very modest radio at the bottom of the sunspot cycle. My first contact was about an hour long ragchew with a gentleman in South Dakota (I’m near Chicago). Every CW op has given me a very warm welcome. On a hundred watts and a dipole, contacts include Sweden, Japan, Paraguay, Cuba, Equador etc. etc.

I tried learning with a free program, but couldn’t quite get it, Code Quick made learning easy.

If you take a little time to learn the code and work the mode, you will open the door to the other half of amateur radio. It’s a shame there has been so much bickering about the code, because with Code Quick anyone can enjoy learning the code. Please give me a shout if you hear me on the bands.
73 de Tom Bruzan, AB9NZ, Mount Prospect, Il.


I would be honored to have my letter used as a testimonial on your website. I also posted my views about Code Quick in the E-HAM product reviews. This summer I visited Poland, in the Polish army my brother in law learned the code with a sound-a-like system too. It seems every new guy I meet on the air learned with Code Quick also. Well, I hope I get to work your shortwave station someday Doctor Wheeler. 73, de Tom Bruzan, AB9NZ
Dr. Wheeler,